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There are many ways to participate and engage in small and large activities. There is always a chance for everyone who is interested, no matter the time budget. You get to meet new people and can settle in relatively easily and fast. The school also gains a lot in the process! It is only through the voluntary participation that many school activities are possible. Engaged helpers contribute a lot towards a moving and versatile school life. Below is a quick overview, ranging from formal tasks in parents’ associations up to the informal activities:

Welcome team: The “old hands” in the parents’ association invite you to the welcome picnic and help new parents network quickly with all the key contacts to facilitate your quick integration…. and are also glad to serve as the first contact for everyone who has a quick, non-binding question.

Social commitment: Actively promotes meeting and exchange among the pupils with the aim of helping them develop a sense of social responsibility. Here, projects on topics such as poverty, disability, age, flight, and environment are offered.

Learning for life: Extra-curricular activities, e.g., on mindfulness, healthy school, fit for life, etc. are used to enrich school education as well as promote parents’ education. In this case, continuous commitment to the respective activities is required.

Info café: Every school Thursday at 8:00 a.m., all parents are invited to share over a cup of tea or coffee. This is also a good place for new parents to quickly find help.

Libraries: Reading educates! This requires continuous commitment, with two teams in the elementary and secondary school who offer an amazing service for our pupils.

Sports committee: This is tasked with organizing all kinds of small and large sporting events and competitions. Fellow campaigners are always welcome!

iDSB festivals: are a meeting place and popular occasion to celebrate. They are mostly organized or supported by parents. The festivals’ committee is tasked with coordinating and catering for these important events all year round.

Flea market: has developed into a trademark of the school. It is organized twice a year and visited by numerous guests.

Career board: With over 50 speakers and a large number of interested pupils from our school and from other schools, the career board always presents a great meeting place every spring. Are you in an interesting career? Why not come and contribute as a speaker? A great opportunity for networking. Or help the team organize this important event.

Formal contribution at the school: As a class representative, member of the parents’ council, in the committees for the elementary, middle, and secondary school, etc., you will have a formal right to be heard and be listened to by the school management on many issues. You can help shape the destinies of the school and its children as well as get a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes of the school life. Anyone who can spend a little more time at the school and have fun working as a committee member should definitely get involved. 

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