An internship at the International German School of Brussels offers immense experience that can be a great advantage for the future career. Please check HERE for the requirements of an internship at our school.

Teaching internship

A German-based teaching internship in our elementary and secondary schools also means a chance to dive into the different cultural circles of our pupils and employees with a focus on integration and competence training. You will have a mentor to assist you during the entire internship and will help expand the horizons of both the internship and your skills. 

Progress report primary school (in German)

Internship as a pre-school teacher

Our bilingual kindergarten with pre-school offers a very special learning environment for young people training to become pre-school teachers. Here, you will find age-mixed groups of children from very different cultures, all being taught a foreign language by a native speaker at the language center.

Progress report bilingual pre-school (In German)

Administrative internship

Wish to do an internship but not just “anywhere”? Our administration team at the International German School of Brussels considers itself a service provider for the entire school community. We make sure that everyday school life runs smoothly, which is an imperative prerequisite for the school to remain devoted to its teaching task. During your internship, you will be involved in all aspects of internal school administration such as the school’s secretary’s office, accounting, building and financial administration, organization of events, as well as press and public relations. 

Progress report management (in German)


Internship requirements (in German)

Vacancies for administrative internship 

We look forward to meeting you!

Please send your compelling application (cover letter, CV, and relevant certificates) for the schoolyear 2021/2022 to Petra van den Beukel. 

We need approximately three weeks to process your application and kindly ask you to refrain from corresponding inquiries during this period. 

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