We speak different languages

As a bilingual pre-school of a German foreign school, we live and teach the German culture. In bilingual classes, children who are native speakers of German learn together with children who speak other different languages. In the language pool, we playfully learn how to get along in a second language and culture. We adhere to the Thuringian Educational Plan, which focuses on early and systematic fostering of both general and linguistic development.

Language enables understanding

  • We start off with a morning song
  • We tell stories
  • We read books
  • We learn poems, rhymes, and finger games
  • We sing and play with words
  • We paint, tinker, and research
  • We go on excursions
  • We play roles
  • We experience rituals
  • We express our feelings
  • We are creative with words

... all these in German, French, or English!

Part of the pre-school program also includes regular visits to the primary school library. With an exciting series of introductory adventures and weekly readings, our “older” ones start to view the library as a special place where they are eager to return. 

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