Every child brings something new

We ensure an environment that makes every child feel significant, unique, and an important part of the group. We focus on the personality and growth potential of your children and develop these individually.

German as a foreign language

About 50 % of the children in our bilingual kindergarten grow up in bilingual (or multilingual) families. Our goal is to strengthen these language skills in our pupils. At the same time, teaching of German language is a crucial task for our school. We offer intensive individual or small group programs for native speakers and foreign speakers.


At the International German School of Brussels, we teach inclusively right from the kindergarten, advise parents on individual needs, and accompany children with and without inclusion diagnosis on their individual learning and life paths.

Psychological-pedagogical service

The school’s psychological-pedagogical service offers your child, all parents, and employees excellent and professional advice and support outside Germany. 

Our partners


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