School fees

We understand that taking your child to an international private school is a large investment for your family and are very grateful that you have chosen our school. In order to support families who pay the school fees from their own pockets – without direct or indirect compensation from their employer or third parties – there are a variety of discounts and reductions:

Newcomer’s discount

New pupils receive a 15% discount on the school fees upon application in their year of entry.

Siblings’ discount

Families with more than one school-age child at our school can apply for the following siblings’ discounts:

25 % of the school fees for the second child

45 % of the school fees for every other child

Loyalty discount

The loyalty discount can be applied for every child who has been registered at our school for more than three years:

20 % of the school fees

School fees deduction

The school grants partial or full school fee deductions to pupils of the elementary and secondary school if their parents or guardians are unable to afford the school fees. In such a case, we kindly urge you to submit your application in a timely manner.

You can find the application forms for discounts and deductions in our download section



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