Attractive prospects for new students – an offer from the International German School of Brussels (iDSB)

The “Fachhochschulreife”, a general entrance qualification to universities of applied sciences – the “practical” way to access vocational training or higher education.

What is on offer?

Educational histories, talents, inclinations, and students’ interests are very individual. The German education system gives young people and their parents the opportunity to choose a course of education in which they can develop these individual foundations further.

What sets education at a technical secondary school (“Fachoberschule”, FOS) apart is its focus on subject-specific practical contents and a very large practical component in the form of internships. iDSB focuses on the areas of economics & administration.

In grade 11, students complete two internships of several weeks (9 and 13 weeks) at a company/institution of their choice. This is ideal for students who wish to try out their skills in the “real world of work”. They will gain personal and professional experience and a clear occupational orientation that can lead to a specific career choice. The school actively supports pupils in their search for internships, while the subject teachers provide support throughout the internships.

Achieving the “Fachhochschulreife” offers students a host of opportunities. It entitles graduates to study any subject* at one of the more than 200 “Fachhochschulen” (FHH) or universities of applied sciences (HAW) in Germany, as well as at art colleges (subjects: music, drama, film, and fine arts), and in some federal states also to take up a Bachelor’s degree course. After completing a course of study at a “Fachhochschule” (FHH), it is possible to transfer to a university, sometimes even after the basic studies**

In other countries, for example in the Netherlands, the “Fachhochschulreife” can be used to directly access a bachelor’s degree course. And, of course, thanks to the practical professional experience gained, going on to doing vocational training that includes practical work is a very good option.

 *Under certain circumstances, a specialised internship and/or a certain average grade may be required for the course of study. Degrees awarded by a “Fachhochschule” are formally equivalent to those awarded by universities.
**The regulations differ by federal state

Who do we want to support?
We are interested in applications from pupils studying at secondary schools (“Realschule” or “Gymnasium”) who would like to achieve their “Fachabitur” at iDSB over two years.
The offer is particularly interesting for pupils in grade 10 who have already gained some professional experience in the field of business & administration and who would like to acquire a degree through practical work experience, which will enable them to pursue a subsequent course of study.

What are the selection criteria?

Selection criteria are:
•  a high level of interest in a career-specific education with a strong practical orientation
•  motivation, willingness to perform, and determination
•  extracurricular ambitions and professional interest in the field of economics & administration
•  social, societal, or political engagements

What are the formal requirements?
•  Applications are open to newcomers, i.e. stundents in grade 10 of all school types (grade 11 in the school year of the scholarship) who are not yet members of the iDSB school community. Applications from siblings and/or children of employees are not accepted.
•  The scholarship is only available to students whose school fees are paid by a natural person (e. g., parents or another legal guardian). Students whose school fees are usually paid by a legal entity (e. g., the parents’ employers) are excluded from the scholarship.
•  The student’s level of German must be sufficient to follow the lessons well (at least level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

What does the scholarship include?
The scholarship includes
•  school education in our small classes,
•  a welcoming school atmosphere with high-quality teaching and high levels of support in many areas,
•  a wide range of offers beyond the regular classes.

Three two-year partial scholarships will be awarded to cover the admission fee as well as 60% of the annual fee for school education at iDSB. Excluded from the scholarship are additional costs for excursions, teaching materials, use of the cafeteria, etc.

Boarding is not possible at iDSB, but upon request the school can provide assistance in finding a host family.

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