Formal involvement of the parents' representatives and the parents' council

The parents at iDSB also formally participate in the design of the school in all committees. Every year, two parent representatives are elected to support the class teacher and represent the parents of the class. As a collegial body, all parents' representatives form the parents' council and elect three chairmen who participate in all important school committees. The Parents' Council has many teams (called "Ausschüsse") that permanently represent specific areas, such as sports or school areas like KiBi/GS or RS/FOS. The aim of formal participation is to promote communication between parents and school and to coordinate the setting of tasks.

Head of Parents`Council

Helmut Wagner
Andreas Gieseke
Benedikt Feneberg
Ina Meysenburg

Head of Primary School Council

Benedikt Feneberg and Ina Meysenburg



Primary School Council:

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