School Management

Jörg Heinrichs, Deputy and Acting Principal

Since summer 2019 Jörg Heinrichs has been deputy headmaster at the iDSB, since the school year 2020/21 he has taken over the provisional responsibility for the school. He teaches English, History and Geography and has gained experience in various school systems, including European Schools in Great Britain and Brussels. Most recently, he was Head of Department and Deputy principal in Freiburg.
At the European schools he was involved in the development of bilingual curricula for geography and history and is still working as an external history expert for the EU schools.

For Mr Heinrichs, the question of how best to prepare our students for their future life in a changing world is essential. Therefore, school development is his central concern.

Nicole Bordelais, Acting Deputy Head / Pedagogical Quality Management

Nicole Bordelais has been working at the iDSB since 2016 as a foreign teaching assistant for the subjects German, History and French and has been the PQM officer and head of the steering group there since 2018. Since the summer of 2021, she has also been acting deputy head of school and is responsible for school development, among other things.

Thomas Leitheiser, Acting Deputy Head / Coordinator Upper Classes (10-12)

Thomas Leitheiser has been working at iDSB since 2019. He teaches German and English and is coordinator of the classes 10-12. Previously, he worked at three different grammar schools in North Rhine-Westphalia and at the German International School of Silicon Valley (GISSV) in California, USA. In recent years, he has gained organizational experience in the field in which he is now employed at the iDSB: As an Upper School Coordinator at the GISSV and subsequently as Head of the Bilingual Branch and the International Baccalaureate (IB) at the Lessing-Gymnasium in Cologne. Mr. Leitheiser is happy to work as part of the iDSB family in the heart of Europe and to be involved in the education of young people to become committed Europeans. Since summer 2021, he has also held the position of acting deputy head of school.

Petra van den Beukel, Head of Administration

Petra van den Beukel has been responsible for the areas of personnel and office services (including the canteen) in the administration since 2004. For more than eight years, initially as deputy head of administration, Ms van den Beukel has been in charge of our administrative business, initially as provisional manager for two years and now as Head of Administration. Before her stay in Brussels, Ms van den Beukel worked for many years in the marketing departments of various large companies in Frankfurt/Main. After 16 years at a school, she can identify very much with the words of A. Lindgren: " There is no age at which everything is experienced with such insane intensity as in childhood. We adults should remember what it was like." Mrs van den Beukel is supported by experienced staff in the departments of marketing, finance, personnel, secretarial offices in BVS/GS and OS as well as school catering for bistro & canteen and building services.

Extended school management team

Constanze Schwarzer, Head of Primary School

At the beginning of the school year 2019/20 Constanze Schwarzer took over the management of our primary school with the subjects German and Ethics.
Since 2015 she was a member of the school management in a school centre in NRW, before she moved to Brussels. She learned how to organize the school in a time of gymnasiums full of refugees and gained enriching intercultural experiences. Since then she has seen multilingualism and heterogeneous learning groups as an opportunity for a lively school that lives and conveys European values.
The primary school of the iDSB offers its pupils excellent opportunities for a cosmopolitan and multilingual education with language and learning studios as well as a demanding full-day programme. Constanze Schwarzer sees her task at the iDSB as continuing this work with a committed team and taking the next steps.

Emanuel Imfeld, Deputy Head of Primary School

Emanuel Imfeld has been working at the iDSB as deputy head of the elementary school since the summer of 2019. He teaches the subjects mathematics, German, general knowledge and sports. During his teaching activities at various elementary school in Switzerland, Germany and South Africa, as well as through his work as head of a bilingual Montessori daycare center, he was able to gain valuable experience and acquire new skills. He focuses on a learning-friendly climate that encourages children to learn independently and motivates teachers to create learning environments and accompany learning processes with joy and passion.

Ilke Westphal, Head of the bilingual pre-school

Ilke Westphal has been at the iDSB since September 2019. With competence and dedication, Ms Westphal looks after one of our toddler groups at the Bilingual Kindergarten with pre-school. In addition to her role as an educator, Ilke Westphal has held the position of Kindergarten Director since January 2021. The Hanoverian volunteered in London and Budapest and was able to gain her first experiences abroad. She can now use this experience in her daily work. Ms Westphal has two children who are also at the iDSB.

Marion Montgomery, Deputy Head of the bilingual kindergarten with pre-school

Marion Montgomery has been at this school since spring 2006. In the past, kindergarten and preschool were separated. Mrs. Montgomery completed her teacher training in America, so that she takes over the English part in the kindergarten group. She was the absentee representative of the KiBi management for the last two years and has now been the deputy director since June. Mrs. Montgomery has two children, both of whom have passed through the iDSB from kindergarten to the Abitur.


Katharina Zettl, Coordinator Fachoberschule (FOS)

Katharina Zettl has been working at the iDSB since 2020. She teaches the subjects Business Administration, Economics, Economics and English and heads the Fachoberschule (FOS). Prior to this, she worked for nine years at a vocational school in Hamburg, where she was responsible for the vocational high school and the training preparation for immigrants as a full-time coordinator, language officer and DSD Pro examination officer. During longer stays abroad in the USA, Spain, South and Central America - among others at the German Ursuline School in Santiago de Chile - Mrs. Zettl's heart has been beating for the school service abroad and the work in a dynamic, motivating, international environment.

During her work with young migrants, Ms. Zettl has already been able to gain valuable intercultural experience as well as extensive knowledge in individualized learning. As a certified learning coach and yoga teacher, Ms. Zettl is happy to integrate elements of learning coaching, yoga and mindfulness into her classes.

Karoline Kocher, Head of REALschule

Mrs. Karoline Kocher has been working at the International German School of Brussels since 2015. Before that, she worked as a secondary school teacher in Cologne for more than 15 years. She teaches chemistry, natural sciences, art, and performing arts/theater. She took over management of the REALschule at the beginning of 2017 and currently also coordinates the final examinations in the REALschule.

Rolf Linse, Coodinator for Years 7-9

Rolf Linse has been working at the iDSB since 2020. He teaches German and French here and is head of the Middle School. Prior to this, he gained experience at general and vocational high schools in Germany and at the German International School of Silicon Valley (GISSV) in California. In recent years, Mr. Linse worked at the Wirtemberg Gymnasium in Stuttgart, an elite school of sports and soccer that enables young top athletes to combine school and sports. There he was responsible in particular for the school medical service and the India exchange, and was also involved as a liaison teacher and staff council.

It is a special concern of Mr. Linse to see the students as the center of his work, not his subjects, and to help them to grow up to be responsible, tolerant and cosmopolitan people and to find their own way in life. As a convinced European, he is particularly pleased to be able to pursue this task now in the heart of Europe.

Dominik Haba, Coordinator for Years 5 & 6

Dominik Haba holds the position of the Coordinator for the 5th and 6th grades. After returning to the Baden-Württemberg state service in 2015 from the foreign school service (DS Kiev), he became deputy headmaster of a community school. At the beginning of the school year 2021/2022, he returned to the foreign school service and has since strengthened the school management of the iDSB. He also teaches German and geography. One of his concerns is strength-based teaching. This builds on abilities and addresses sensitivities - always with the aim of bringing out the best in everyone.

Coordination Extracurricular Activities

Anne-Kathrin Albl, coordination extracurricular activities

Anne-Kathrin Albl is responsible for full-day programs in the elementary and secondary schools. She also works as a social pedagogue in the psychological-pedagogical service and helps students in their school day. She gained several years of experience working in a therapy center of SOS children’s villages in Austria and also worked as a consultant for UNICEF in Indonesia. She has been living in Brussels since 2008 and has been working at the International German School of Brussels since then 

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