Student representation

Our student representatives actively present the interests of the students to the teachers, the school administration, the school association, and the parents. They participate actively in resolving conflicts, work in committees and work groups, as well as enrich the school life by organizing project days, regular school meetings, and other events. They also inform their classmates about school issues. Every class chooses a class representative and a deputy at the beginning of every school year.

All class representatives from class 5 and upwards also attend the class representatives’ meetings. These address all issues of the class representatives that affect the whole school. Each class representative represents the interest of his/her pupils – a task that demands a lot of responsibility! Class representatives of the middle and secondary schools elect their own spokespersons for advice and support.

Traditionally, our class representatives travel to Wezemaal for a weekend seminar at the beginning of each school year to prepare for the coming school year, set objectives, and develop a suitable concept.

Our current student representatives are Armin Gienapp and Daniel Gros. 


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