Parents’ council

The International German School of Brussels is characterized by active and friendly parent participation. The wide-ranging activities range from the different forms of formal duties, the role played by elected parents’ representatives in the school boards, and the numerous opportunities for all parents to chip in, be involved, help, or simply enjoy:

The parents’ organization runs two libraries, a weekly ‘Info café’, organizes two annual flea markets, and a great Christmas and a summer festival. The parents are also involved in teams for welcoming new families, social commitment, sports, and also make up the “learning for life” team that elaborates on topics such as mindfulness and healthy school. We organize and support the many events, festivals, as well as assist with the great and motivated work of our teachers at the class level. We, parents, also organize events for parents. These include sporting events, choirs, and many more.

Formal involvement of the parents’ representative and the parents’ council

Parents at the school also contribute on a formal capacity towards shaping the school in all bodies. Two parents’ representatives are elected at the beginning of each school year to assist the class teacher and represent the parents of the respective class. As a collegial body, all parents’ representatives form a parents’ council and elect three heads who participate in all important school boards. The parents’ council also has many teams (called committees) that are permanently tasked with specific areas like sports or school areas such as BVS/GS or RS/FOS. The goal of this formal participation is to promote communication between parents and the school and coordinated handling of key issues.

Head of the parents’ council

Michael Kämmerer: Head of parents`council
Laura Bolten: 1. Deputy head of parents`council
Sophie Delhaes: 2. Deputy head of parents`council

Speaker of the primary school committee

Joachim Ott and Sabine Mühlauer 


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